“Forever from Here”

“At First Sight”


“Forever From Here”



“Faith, Hope & Everything Else”

“These Days”


“Long Road Home”



“Lonesome Town”

“Back Out on the Town”

“This Ain’t Love”

“My Last Goodbye”

5 Responses to Music

  1. Damon Johnston says:

    Hello, just heard you for the first time on The Ticket with George Dunham. What is the name of the some you played and is it available?
    It was a great song, about marriage..

  2. Barry says:

    I agree with Damon. I’ve been looking for the song since you played it on the ticket. Do you think it’ll be available in the next couple of months? It was greatness.

    • Hey Barry. I appreciate your kind words. I don’t have plans to go into the studio as of now, but the overwhelming response to this song has me thinking that I need to get something for this song out. I’ll keep all of the news up to date on this website.

      Thanks again!

  3. doug says:

    hey Bobby its been a long time since I’ve seen you be sure to send me your next album at thanks man!!!

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