Well today is the big day!!

Forever From Here, my third full-length studio album, has finally been released.

This project has taken the better part of 3 years to complete, and I feel just as strongly about it as the day the first song was written. It is an extremely special record for me. One that I feel really comes full circle in terms of writing, playing, and singing.

I am going about the release of this record quite differently than the previous two. I don’t have a huge promotional budget. I am relying on the good hearts, and reliable ears of the strong music lovers in our scene. Over the last year I have witnessed the true power of social media in helping new releases gain traction, and that is the way I am attempting to attack today!!

So, obviously I would really love and appreciate it if everyone would go get a copy of Forever From Here on iTunes or CD Baby or Amazon or however you wish, BUT I am also asking that you help out by sending a tweet or a Re-tweet if you see a link posted on Twitter! Also, if you would share status’ or posts about the record on Facebook. All of this helps immensely, and I would be indebted to you for all of the help.

Here is the iTunes link!



Now, let’s see how far this grassroots effort can take us!!

Much love and thanks to all of the people who have stuck with me these last three years. It’s been a very special time.


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  1. Congrats Bobby! Love it all. Corey and I can’t wait to go to CD release party in Austin!

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