Well my friends, my number has been called. I escaped the wrath of ruthless commentators on Rita’s blog for a long time. Largely because there is no reason for people to talk about me. I have a band that has had relative success in one market, in a scene that surpasses even this states borders.

As I read some of the comments on the blog, there seems to be a common thread. My ego. I’m sure somewhere during the 5 years that I have been playing shows, and making music, I have pissed a few people off. Although it’s never been my intention to look down upon someone, maybe my unwillingness to engage someone in conversation at show came across as arrogant.

As I broke down the different ways someone may have thought I was a, “prick”, it donned on me that maybe this is all because of the blog I wrote, that Rita posted, saying my band was breaking up. As I re-read it, I can completely understand how that would read as though I was a heartless bastard who didn’t care about his band and would just throw them away on a whim.

Such is the case with many writings, this one has been misunderstood, so I thought I would offer a little clarity …

On May 25th 2010 my band celebrated it’s 3rd year of shows. As we sat around my aunt and uncles house, drinking way too many adult beverages, we all realized that even though we may have gained fans in certain areas, the same struggles we were challenged with 3 years ago stared us in the face at present day. We didn’t have many shows on the books; we were all struggling to make bills that month; none of us knew how much money we would take in at the end of the week. By this point, I had already informed them of my decision to go back to acoustic touring for a while. No one in my band took offense to that.

The 4 people in the Bobby Duncan Band have battled each other, have loved each other, have helped each other, and felt every emotion imaginable TOGETHER. These 3 guys , and the ones no longer in the band, have always been like family to me. The hardest part is to be an employer as well. How do you look 3 people, who all posses the ability to be successful in music, and tell them, “I don’t know how we will survive another month”? How can you ask someone you consider a friend to battle through the hardships one more time, when they’ve been battling through the same hardships for 3 years?

The inability to gain large success in music may be a direct result of the product. I’m fully aware of that. If you think my music sucks, you have every right to feel that way, and I welcome your comments on what you think good music should be. However, to sit there and call me a prick because YOU THINK I’m just kicking my band to the curb is bullshit.

I reached a point where I could feel the romance between the 4 of us slipping away, and decided maybe I was holding them back. Maybe they could find love for music again with someone else. Maybe I could too.

For 3 years, I got to play music with my friends. Not hired guns, but guys who made as little money as I did because they believed in the possibility of the music we created. I will forever love them for driving all over this state, weekends at a time, making enough to pay for the food we ate while on the road. I’ll respect them for putting aside day jobs, and losing day jobs, because they would much rather be out on the road playing songs. I don’t expect everyone to understand what goes in to the decision I made, but I hoped, maybe naïvely, that you would at least respect it.

Ok, so if you’re reading this and saying, “You’re an idiot Bob. I think you’re a prick for a million other reasons, and don’t give 2 shits about your band or decisions regarding them.” Then I’m sorry for whatever ill I have created. That’s never been my style. If you’re willing, share stories. I’d love a chance to clarify that as well.

Now, I also need to say that this isn’t the end of me making music. Sorry to let you down RC Cola!!

I’ve gotten phone calls from friends and family members asking why I was giving up. I’m far from that point. During the next 6 months I will make another record. It will be different than the last. I’m 23 years old and constantly dealing with changes to the person I am. I don’t know who I will become as a musician, but I’m not scared to follow the music, wherever it leads me.

Now that I’ve been informed of so many people that dislike it, I ask those same people to follow me on Twitter, or Facebook, or Tumblr, and watch for the new music to come.

*NOTE — This is not an attempt to gain followers. I’m sure there are many of you licking your chops at the opportunity to say, “ SEE!! SEEE!!!! I TOLD YOU!!!” Calm down.

Music is as necessary to life as water. It sustenance for the soul. Therefore, opinions of music will always be as common as rain. Where there is one, there has been the other.

I welcome you to judge, critique, slam, or dare I say enjoy, what is to come.

I’m not scared of opinions, as long as they are founded. They can be extremely productive.

So opine!!

That is all …


PS — Love you RC Cola!!

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2 Responses to Clarity

  1. Jessica says:


  2. bw22 says:

    dude, your music kicks ass. next time ur in sville come back and party with us. i think your here again in august. keep rollin with it, shit will work out for you. and screw those ppl who wannna be negative critics. they dont even know how that shit works

    peace bro

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