“A Change Gonna Come”

The other morning I was looking over some old date books and calendars of mine that had be stored away some time ago.  I was looking back on all of the venues we had played and I must say, it was rather comical.

On May 25th my band will celebrate it’s 3rd birthday.  It’s hard to believe .  It seems like just yesterday I was playing the Aardvark every Thursday as a way to get practice in and maybe show 5 people what we could do.  I can remember all of the late night phone conversations with Donovan Dodd and how eager I was to get his opinion on what we sounded like that night.

The last 3 years have been wonderful and I wouldn’t trade them in for anything … alright ALMOST anything … but as is the case in life, sometimes, even the good things come to an end.

My friends I’m writing this today to inform you that as of July 31st there will be no more Bobby Duncan Band.

Time brings change, and this is a change I have flirted with or some time now but finally have pulled the trigger.

This doesn’t mean that I’m done playing music, it doesn’t mean that I will never have a band again, but it is a way for me to go at it alone and get my head right.

Later this year I will make another record.  The decisions I’ve made, and the place to where I have followed my music, has led me to erase the chalk board and start fresh.  Sadly, this means with the band as well.

I will never be able to thank the guys who have played with me enough. They sacrificed just as much I did, week in and week out, to play music.  There is no doubt you will see their faces on stages again soon.

Chris Lugo, Rocky Garza, Michael Fitch, Casey Kind, Chris Plunk, Kyle Moss — Thank you

Soooo ….  If you have ever been to a show, thank you.  If you would like to see this band one last time, we will be playing shows until Jule 31st.  After that, it will be just me playing acoustic dates around.

This isn’t the end of the road … I am just taking an exit and trying a different direction.

Hope all is well.


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4 Responses to “A Change Gonna Come”

  1. CodgerJG says:

    You know we’ll support you whatever direction you take in or out of music.

  2. Amanda says:

    Good Luck with everything Bobby. One Love, Banda

  3. Tess says:

    You guys rock! I love the songs, and the energy given off by the band when you guys jam out! Me and my hubby saw you in Stephenville and fell in love with your music. We are always checking to see when you will be near. We will without a doubt catch one before July 31! Good luck!

  4. Christina Todd says:

    we love your acoustic Style~!

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