First Ever Words With Friends, Bobby D. vs TXR Tournament!!

Words With Friends Tournament


No Purchase Necessary to Enter or Win

1.  To Enter:  To enter the Words With Friends Tournament (wwftourney), please submit your words with friends username to  When you enter please provide your real name and email address as well as which bands bracket side you wish to be on.  We will accept the first sixteen (16) entries for each band.  You will be contacted by email if you have made thtournament.

2. Eligibility:  The contest is open to legal residents of the U.S. who are at least 18 years of age at the time of entry.

3. Cheating:  The use of a scrabble dictionary or apps such as Scrabby are highly discouraged.  We are quite certain that while the Scrabby App says that Umbooja is a scrabble word we all know that no one knows what that word means and you probably shouldn’t use it in a sentence in the first place.  If you think that someone is cheating and playing a lot of words that aren’t in the normal realm of words please take a screen capture and we will decide whether to reduce their final score by that number of points.  While qanats may be a word and get you a lot of points on a triple word score it isn’t fair, so don’t be the jerk that plays this way.

4. Determining Winner:  You must get a screen capture of you winning (the screen at the end of the game that declares you the winner).  To do this, simply press the power button on the top of your iphone/itouch as well as the circle button at the same time. This will store the screen capture in your saved photos and you can email it from there to

Each match has a time limit of 24 hours.  If you are unable to actively play, please wait until our next tournament.  If the 24 hours has elapsed and the player you are paired with does not respond or play the game actively then you may take a screen capture of the elapsed time that has gone by and we will declare you the winner.  This time must be a lengthy amount of time.  We understand that people work, etc.  We are talking 10 hour lapses and such.

5.  Prizes:  Each winner of round 1 will receive a cd by the respective band side that they are on.  Each winner of round 2 will receive 2 tickets to a show (excluding all fairs, festivals and private performances).  Round 3 winners will receive a t-shirt of their choice and the Round 4 winners will receive dinner with the band, at a mutually agreeable show,  tickets to that show and can also have early access to band and show on that day.  The two winners of the Round 4 will proceed onto the Championship game and the winner declared the Words With Friends Champion! Details of all prizes will be worked out through management and winners will be contacted with all details regarding their prizes.

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