Thank You Veterans

Today a nation honored it’s most courageous breed.  Today we come together to pay homage to the millions of people from differing ethnicities, varying religions, and from every corner of this mighty land for the most selfless act one can do.

The long history of America is sewed together by the thread of lives that have served to increase its chances for survival. On this day, once a year, we remember not only the so many who have perished for this country, but the countless others that served along side of those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice.  We forget too often that the very images we cringe at when watching from thousands of miles away are the very images they live with on a daily basis and continue to live with when they return to the land they were protecting.

Someone who chooses freely to put their life on the line for the ideologies that make us great as a nation, and as a people, is someone who should be held to a higher degree than the rest of us who live our lives with the freedoms we have for so long come to expect as daily necessities. And, a soul that serves for a cause greater than itself, and for ideals that will continue to survive regardless of one life, is a soul that should be honored with the utmost respect.

Veterans Day is a day of remembrance, a day of sadness, and a day for thanks, because whether it be on the beaches of Normandy, the jungles of Viet Nam, the mountains of Afghanistan, the sands of Iraq, or the comfort of a base in Central Texas, these people knew they were serving a greater good and a cause that will endure throughout the history of the world.  For that, they should be always be held to a higher regard than the rest.  For that, we should always be grateful.



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