A Night To Remember

This past Friday night was another, “full circle”, moment in my young, ever expanding career.

4 years ago I was one of aprox. 29,000 people to attend a Pat Green concert in Dallas, TX.  That’s right, 29 THOUSAND.  I remember the anxiousness I tried to contain before the show started.  The energy contained within the then Smirinoff Center was electric.  The lights, the music, the largest crowd to ever attend a concert at that venue, were all major reasons thata short 3 months later I decided to hold off on college and make a record.

In the years that have followed I have heard many different things from fans of Pat.  I’ve heard them associate him to the term, “sell out”, more times than I can count.

Friday night at Stubb’s in Austin, TX  we had the honor of opening for Pat Green and his band.  All I can say is that PG is no sell out.

Not sure what to expect with the show, it was nice to see Sold Out signs on all the Will Call windows as we pulled up for load-in.  By the time we had finished sound check and I walked out to the van, there was already a line of about 150 people waiting patiently for their chance to get the first spots right in front of the stage.  Pat was a true gentlemen and walked right off the stage after his sound check and introduced himself to me.  We had never met, but have many mutual friends.  Walt Wilkins has produced both of my records and almost everyone in his band has been apart of both of them as well.

When stage time came, I hadn’t looked outside of the dressing room in about a half an hour and the walk to the stage is covered and out of view of the crowd.  When I walked out and saw that the place was at capacity already, I thought to myself, “Holy shit!  PG’s still got it.”  The same electricity filled the place, the same anxiousness ran  through me, albeit I was on a slightly differnt side of the coin.  We rocked through our set and made way for PG and crew to do their thing.

The show was unbelievable.  Pat ran through classics like, “George’s bar” and “Crazy”, along with new hits like, “Let Me” and “What I’m For”.

The man who has been the flag bearer for Texas Music for the last 15 years was as full of energy in front of 2,200 people as he was those 4 years ago in front of over 10 times that.

I’m not going to get in to the argument of how he is perceived by a lot of people these day, but  I will say that I saw the light in the eyes of a couple thousand people shine bright when he took the stage.

It was an honor to be a part of that night, and to share the stage with someone who so greatly opened the doors for me to make a business out of what I do, and created a market in our state for the music I love.

Long live PG.

View from the stage during our set.

View from the stage during our set.

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5 Responses to A Night To Remember

  1. wow bud, congrats on a good night! as hard as you work, you deserve it…hope to see ya soon

  2. John Nienhiser says:

    I bet that was one hell of a show! PG is the main artist that turned me on to Texas Country Music and it seems like it was just yesterday I heard him on The Wolf and the Front Porch on Sunday nights trying to promote his stuff. Glad to hear that he still got it! Maybe before long you’ll have a PG/BD cut on your next record!

  3. Mike Fraiser says:

    Bobby, your hard work and patience EARNED you that opportunity!

    You SOOO desirve it!!!!!

  4. DJ Devin says:

    I’ve been to Pat Green concerts from coast to coast, for many years, and you are sooooo right — PG’s still got it and those who experience his live music still get the GREEN GLOW (or as you stated the light in the eyes shine bright).

    I’m really bummed I had to miss this one, but thank you for your blog!

  5. Hogleg says:

    Long Live Pat Green. The best performer in Texas hands down.

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