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What up, what up!?1?

Just wanted to give a little update as to what is going down inside our camp.

I feel obligated to inform you that even though we aren’t playing as many shows in July, we aren’t slacking on our duties of bringing what we have to offer to all who shall accept it. Even though I won’t be playing, I will still be on the road a ton this month.

This week we embark on a 10 day radio run. We are many stations throughout Oklahoma, and Texas. We didn’t get to do one for the first single off of “FHE”, so it is a must that we do it now. We are very close to releasing the next single from the record. The decision on song was “Should I Give Anymore of Me.” Any comments?? I feel very strongly about this song, and we will get it up on the Myspace page, as soon as we can, so you can have a little taste.

I hope everyone’s summer is grooving along nicely. I know it’s hot, but be sure to go see some bands! Times aren’t easy right now, so you must remember to release every once in a while.

Much love … keep it real.


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